Domain Leasing

Leasing Domain names makes ownership affordable

Have you found the domain name you want to build your business on but the price we are asking does not fit into your development or marketing budget?

Domain leasing is the answer to your Dilemma. For a deposit and monthly installments, you are able to own the domain name that you really want. We may also be interested in co-developing the domain name into an e-commerce or lead generation website by way of a joint venture. We are open minded and seeking business opportunities all the time. The domain names that we register have all had a development idea in mind, possibly similar to what you envisage which could lead to very exciting opportunities for both you and us.

A simple agreement is structured which allows you to make use of the domain name during the lease period where payments over a number of months are made and at the end of the lease the domain is transferred into your ownership much like leasing a car. During the lease you are able to select your hosting company or use our hosting facilities, develop as you wish and grow your business without having to take money out of your development budget to do so.

Contact us should you wish to discuss a domain lease or joint venture.