No risk lead generation

Fresh Sales Leads and Unsolicited Qualified Inquiries are the Life Blood of any Organisation. Partner with us to increase your Lead Volumes and grow your turnover.

Fresh, Real Time Sales Leads that Generate New Business are What You Need to Grow your Business

Lead Generation: At Lead Generators we use a combination of custom developed keyword domain names from our portfolio of over 1000 domain names, and good solid online marketing to deliver excellent Quality Sales Leads delivered in real time directly to your sales people or CRM system.

There is nothing quite like the prospect of a fresh sales lead that has called in or emailed in a sales inquiry to get any sales persons blood flowing . The morale and level of excitement in your sales division will be stepped up a notch as your sales people deliver higher conversions in order to be given fresh inquiries.

The leads that we produce are unsolicited requests for information or product pricing much like the inquiry that you are about to make. We have piqued your interest and you want to know how we are going to be able to help grow your business, and what it is going to cost to get these New, fresh sales leads.


Currently generating between 60 and 100 crane hire, crane truck hire and rigging leads per month. Opportunities in all regions of South Africa.

Opportunities abound in all regions for both the rental and sale of Telehandlers to the construction and Agricultural Industry. Lead generation is active.

Excewllent opportunities country wide for cherry pickers. This is a client who opted for a  branded opportunity coupled with Google ads for maximum lead volumes.

If you have trucks for hire and need more work for them, get requests for quotes from people actively looking for truck hire, from bakkie hire to Abnormal transport.

Lowbed, Cross border and abnormal load transport has shown tremendous growth over the years and the lead generation opportunities exist in all regions of SA.

Therre is an enormous amount of maintenance work going on around SA that requires TLB’s. Excellent opportunities country wide.

Tower crane lead generation has been active since 2012 and extends to offering the Rental and sale of Tower cranes including the erection and dismantling rigging.

Logistics and warehousing grew significantly during COVID and the Forklift and Material Handling Businesses experienced increased demand for Forklifts.

Mobile crane hire inquiries are generated on a daily basis. If you are a mobile crane rental company that needs inquiries and RFQ’s for Crane rental, we are here to help.

Earthmoving equipment rental and sale is an opportunity that every earth moving equipment supplier or rental company tyo increase their sales and enquiries in All SA regions.

Ideal for scaffolding hire companies that offer bothe steel and aluminium scaffolding, rubble chutes rental. Many opportunities for large or small businesses across the regions of SA.

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Lead Generation

Our No risk lead generation service means that you only incur a cost when we deliver a valid inquiry.

Lead generators develop custom websites for your products and services at our own cost.

Lead generators pay for any advertsing costs.

You only pay when we deliver a lead

Search Engine Marketing

Should you wish us to drive leads to your own website, we are here to help.

A website audit is conducted and we advise on any changes required to your website in order to achieve your lead generation goals.

Setup and monitoring of Online Advertising campaigns.

You set the budget and we will work with what you provide.

Website Design

As much as 80% of consumers research online before making a purchase decision.

Whether you have a retail store or are a forensic accountant, you MUST have a well designed website.  We offer a full suite of website design offerings, including eCommerce development.

We work with you to design beautiful websites and to focus on the delivery new customers.

Beautiful Productive Websites

Search Engine Optimization

Let us put your website front and centre for targeted keywords.

Search engine optimization is a longer term strategy that is intended to produce leads at no cost in the future by ranking your website in the organic search results.

When customers search for your products and services, be on page 1 of Google.

We work with Google and do not try to outsmart them. Good SEO only gets better over time.