About Lead Generators

Lead Generators South Africa is a professional Lead generation business that utilizes an extensive domain name portfolio to build lead generation websites for South African businesses.

Lead Generators started out as a web development company in 2006 providing cost effective websites that were designed to add value to the business and not serve solely as a brochure website to showcase the company and it’s products or services. We aimed to teach our customers to “make sense of the web”.

The success of our customers websites led us to accumulate a domain name portfolio for the purpose of constructing lead generation websites on keyword domain names and building our portfolio of short brandable, easy to remember domain names.

Premium domain names in the .com extension have become an asset class in their own right with returns of many hundreds or even thousands of percent in some cases over a relatively short period of time. The country code domain names have also shown significant growth as the registries run out of short, descriptive, easy to remember domain names and is predominantly where Lead generators work.

What is a premium domain name

Firstly, we get the short 1.2 or 3 letter domain names, then the single word category defining names like “travel” or “stationary”. These are what would be considered “super premium” domain names and routinely command prices over $100 000 and into the many millions. Some examples would be the sale of HG.com in 2016 for $3.77 million, or the sale of Freedom.com for $2 million in 2017. The highest reported domain name sale is for Insurance.com at $36.5 million and there are many others between $10 million and $35 million.

1 Letter Domains (L) – 26
2 Letter Domains (LL) – 676
3 Letter Domains (LLL) – 17 576

Scarcity and meaning are the main contributors to these prices, more often than not being over $100 000.

The next level of premium domain names are the 2 word descriptive domain names like “cranehire.co.za” or “logisticscourses.co.za” These 2 word domain names are ideal for lead generation websites targeting niches. The result being that the quality of inquiries received from these descriptive websites are extremely good.

These types of domain names are highly prized for their ability to rank fast and well in the search engines as well as for the quality of lead they produce.

How can we help you?

Over the years Lead Generators has accumulated a portfolio of premium domain names in the co.za space as well as South Africa related domains in the .com space.

Chances are we have a website or domain ready for development that will suit your business and deliver on your expectations.