Financial and Investment Lead Generation Opportunities

We have an extensive portfolio of Finance/Investment domain names that are ready and waiting for interested parties to capitalize on. Investment products including Insurance and Loan products are very well suited to making use of niche websites designed to target individual product/service types.

The ability to target very specific products and services has proven to produce leads of a superior quality that result in conversions.

Lead Generation Opportunities or Developed and Ranked Websites For Sale

This sampling of our domain name portfolio in the Finance and Investments sector will give you a good idea of the products and services we are able to target directly. Good Finance or investment keyword domain names are certainly the answer to sustainable lead generation programs, which by virtue of their traffic and SEO rankings allow for both well indexed sites in the niche as well as providing type in traffic.

From a lead generation perspective, these keyword domains provide extremely high quality leads. Lets face it, what could you expect to find on a website whose domain name is but forex rates and related services.

For those of you who operate in the finance and investment space you will be well aware of the cost/click on keywords like “car insurance” (in some cases well over R500/click).

Insurance & Financial Services

Car Insurance, Extended Warranty lead opportunities.

Retirement and Investment Advice Opportunities.

Tax Free Savings and Investment opportunities.

Life Insurance leads for people who are HIV positive.

Stocks and Forex Trading

Insurance and Retirement Investments

Loans and Bond Finance