Sales Lead Generation

Unsolicited Sales lead Generation

Generating leads for your sales force that are demand side focussed and actionable immediately will not only increase your sales but improve the morale in your sales team. New, fresh sales leads are the life blood of any sales orientated organization that allows your sales team to concentrate on generating new business from customers who have requested quotes or information on your products and services.

There is a vast difference between the morale and energy in a sales team that are constantly being fed new sales leads from customers who have requested information than from attempting to generate new business through cold calling.

At Lead Generators we offer a no risk sales lead generation offering where you only pay for the leads we generate.

How we operate

We build websites specifically targeted to your company’s products and services using a combination of our descriptive domain names and our seo expertise to generate traffic and sales leads. The websites we create are on domain names independent of your brand website and are owned and operated by us.

We offer two options for lead pricing, exclusive and shared. We prefer not to sell leads to more than one company but leave the option open to you. We prefer our customers not getting involved in a price war where margins are stripped down, but wish to develop long term relationships that benefit both parties.

We do not resell leads, any leads generated are for your sole use and should you decide to end you relationship with us, these leads are not resold.

Cost per lead

The cost per lead option is as simple as, we produce a lead for your business, you pay us the pre-determined fee per lead. The cost per lead can vary quite significantly from Industry to Industry.

We prefer to work an a lead exclusivity basis to prevent a price war. The leads produced become your potential customers and are not distributed or sold to any other company.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures involve partnering with you to develop lead generation websites where we are remunerated on a % of turnover basis. In many cases a separate entity is established to field sales leads or telephone calls.

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